About CleanPowerAuto LLC

At this time our Web store is closed indefinitely…  

We started an EV Conversion company in 2009 when large prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells became widely available, which are best suited for large battery packs required in EVs. We developed MiniBMS® initially to use in our own EV conversions, but it became so popular over time that our business entirely shifted towards BMS production and expanded into other applications such as marine and RV housepower banks, solar banks,  etc.

 We have recently partnered with custom battery manufacturer Lithionics Battery , to continue innovative BMS development for variety of markets and applications. As a result of this partnership we no longer offer direct BMS sales. We encourage all customers interested in complete battery systems to purchase from Lithionics Battery, which offers most advanced battery systems, proudly made in the USA, certified for safety by US DOT.